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Through critical examination of the workplace, Lazaro Safety inspections identify and record

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LSS philosophy is that a safety audit must be done correctly with a well- organized and periodically updated checklist at least once per year

LSS provides customized safety trainings and resources that can help contractor and employees become certified and meet OSSA training standards and codes

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Lazaro Safety is one of the leading Safety Consultancy companies in Western Canada with a vast knowledge in Oil Sands Production and Refinery, Potash and Construction.  We  offer a complete range of occupational health and safety services including safety training and health and safety consultancy advice to help you manage risk and make safety a way of life to all involved

Our trained, experienced and qualified Health & Safety advice service teams are available 24/7 to answer a routine inquiry or an urgent problem that your business may have. We will work in partnership with you at all times, ensuring that your company fully benefit from our team of highly qualified and skilled safety  consultants


Lazaro Safety aim is to help your company understand and manage its obligations and provide the knowledge and systems that allows you to be one step ahead by meeting employee's, company and regulatory expectations, build public and customer trust as well as delivering business objectives

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