Medical Services

Lazaro Safety Services Ltd. has been providing Medical Services to different industries in Canada. We have professional response team providing fully manned medical unit to cover your emergency or basic medical needs.  With a combination of experienced, trained and qualified medical staff and the latest well equipped high quality medical equipment LSS is  ready to provide everything from the simplest of  first aid needs to the complete offshore/onshore fully staffed medical facility with 24/7 emergency support.

At LSS we train and equip our staff to be service orientated, highly skilled and able to perform a variety of duties beside their own medical expertise to foster a positive relationship between clients and our medical team. This has proven to enhanced quality of service and client satisfaction  in areas where health risks are high and medical resources are limited.

• Highly trained, qualified, experienced and skilled Emergency response team
• Fully equipped high quality medical equipment
• Carefully designed operating procedures in high occupational risk locations
• Acceptable routine and emergency medical services
• Meets offshore/onshore regulatory and industry standards




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