Safety Services.

Lazaro Safety Services offer a complete Health & Safety Management Solution to its customer across Canada and beyond. We help you better understand and manage your obligations and provide the knowledge and systems to allow you to be one step ahead. Our services are designed not just to meet your safety requirements and obligations but also improve your bottom line by becoming a leader in health and safety. LSS provides practical information and tools that will help you develop action plans and institute health and safety programs in your workplace.

OHS Consulting Services

Lazaro Safety Services provide occupational health & safety consulting services throughout Canada. Whether you want to comply with statutory obligations or achieve world’s best practice, we can provide tailored strategy to meet your organization’s specific needs and incorporate the latest standards and techniques. LSS safety consultants have worked with multinational organizations on training programs and safety matters to ensure that best practice is implemented at different locations. Our consultants are experienced in analysis of problems and the development of appropriate solutions.

Site Inspections

Through critical examination of the workplace, Lazaro Safety inspections identify and record hazards for corrective action. Using a carefully designed check list and Health and Safety Industry standards, Lazaro Safety Pro-active Site Inspection Services focuses on the implementation of risk controls that meets latest Health & Safety regulations and expected performance outcomes of existing strategy through full inspection. The intent of the site inspection is to benchmark the safety practices observed on site against the criteria in the checklist. The inspection services include but not limited to Full Inspection, Monitoring Performance and Inspection Report.

Incident Investigations

The purpose of this procedure is to identify the duties, roles and responsibilities of workplace parties so that an effective and immediate accident/incident investigation and reporting process is in place. This will include identifying all contributing factors of the accident/incidents and hazardous situations and making the necessary recommendations to prevent the accident/incident from recurring.  With employee’s safety at the forefront of its accident investigation service, Lazaro Safety Accident/Incident Investigation Services first ensure all issues related to the investigation don’t prevent the rescue and medical treatment of the injured employee. Once all these are out of the way our qualified and professional stuff will began to gather information through interviews, background information physical evidence, and eye witness account upon completion we will produce a report including recommendation.

Emergency Planning & Preparedness

LSS Emergency Planning & Preparedness service ensures that adequate preparatory, response and recovery programs are in place to effectively manage a wide variety of incidents everywhere you work. LSS proactively works with you to put plans in place to respond to any events which includes highly trained specialists and significant resources 24/7.  We understand the importance of protecting employees, the public, the environment and corporate assets while meeting regulatory requirements. Therefore, it is our job to make sure your organization is a leader in Emergency Planning & Preparedness and make it a responsible organization.

Effective safety consultation

As one of Western Canada’s Leading Safety consultancy companies, LSS pride itself by offering advice and assistance on all aspects of Health & Safety. Our programs are tailored to meet organizational and individual employee needs to ensure cost effective intervention. Our Safety Consultants are well experienced and trained to meet your specific industry needs. Our consultation services are delivered by specialist trained Paramedics, advisers, trainers, health and safety professionals who are all practitioners in the field of occupational health and safety. They are ready to help you ensure Emergency Management resources (People, Equipment, Policies, Procedures, Standards and Plans) comply with set standards and codes as well as moral obligations.

Safety Training: OSSA

LSS provides safety training and resources that can help contractor and employees personnel that are customized to get them certified and meet OSSA training standards and codes.  Our training can be flexible to meet our clients schedule and are offered at our training location or clients sites. The courses are up to date, well presented and interesting with useful content. Whether you are an employer or self-employed, manager or supervisor, we will always make sure that you’re up to date with new regulations and resources. Our Training means helping you learn how to do something, telling people what they should or should not do, or simply giving them information on how to identify the hazards and control risks from your work.

Safe Work Procedure and Practice Development

As part of its Safe Work Procedure and Practice Development service, LSS works with you and your team to develop a safety management system that would include a set of procedures and practices such as set of guidelines or "Do’s and Don’ts” on how to perform a specific which have to be followed by everyone to ensure the safest way of doing work. This includes knowing the hazards of their jobs and their workplace and knowing how to control these hazards. LSS will closely work with you to develop a step-by-step process of performing a task safely from beginning to end including but not limited to practical training and practice at the work place.

Internal Auditing of Safety Program

LSS philosophy is that a safety audit must be done correctly with a well-organized and periodically updated checklist at least once per year for compliance with environmental, health, and safety regulations, policies, and safe practices. However, should you feel that a hazard exists in your workplace or that your workplace has not been regularly audited, please contact us 24/7. Our specialist team will conduct routine health and safety audits of all facilities not only to help you meet regulatory responsibilities but also make a difference in helping your organization prevent accidents and injuries. Our experiences and qualified auditors can prepare and execute internal safety audit program that will have maximum impacts with minimal risks ensuring the audit has the greatest return to your safety program and the organization.

Hazard Assessment and Controls

LSS Hazard Assessment and Control service is geared towards assisting organizations implement a systematic process for the identification and control of hazards. It is critical for energy companies in particular to conduct such assessment on an ongoing basis to ensure all activities, equipment, processes and property to improve hazard recognition, evaluation and control in your workplace. LSS experts will help you review past incidents and existing safety programs to identify types of physical and non-physical hazards that have been responsible for  injuries and illnesses and finally identify control methods involving both workers and employers based  on the scope and complexity of theses hazards.


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